Dating in Costa Rica | Dating 101

One thing that is quite common to experience in Costa Rica are catcalls or promiscuous comments. You can witness this happening around the streets in broad daylight. Although gender equality is making great progress within the economy, this type of behavior from men still happens. It this type of action which men do towards the women in Costa Rica that makes them even more strict when finding romance. They don’t pair themselves with any typical man they encounter on a daily basis; they prefer men that prove themselves well.

A great aspect in the country of Costa Rica is their acceptance of women’s rights in terms of body and physical appearance. Unlike in Western cultures, Ticas have a more egalitarian point of view. In other words, Costa Rican women aren’t expected to have a specific body type. To paint a clearer picture, American culture still objectifies women’s physical aspects which leads to pressure and insecurities among women even from a young age.

The women in Costa Rica, however, don’t feel the same pressure and are quite happy with their body types and physical attributes.

But as amazing as Costa Rica is so far, there are still some cons you will definitely experience when dating in the country. One major example is how everyone lives on “Tico Time.” This is a term used to name the punctuality of Costa Ricans. It is really common for people to be tardy in plans and dates. They are at least an hour late where ever they go. So, when setting up a plans in Costa Rica, you should expect your date to arrive late.

Lastly, one thing you shouldn’t be so shocked with is how they greet one another. Costa Ricans have a surprising way of greeting their friends – with kisses on the cheek. This may be uncommon in other cultures but in Costa Rica, its socially acceptable for men to kiss each other on the cheek and with women to also greet each other in the same manner. But with business meetings, it obviously doesn’t apply. They usually just shake hands to keep things formal.

Costa Rican Women and Marriage

One aspect of marriage in Costa Rica that will certainly surprise you is the way they use their mother’s last name rather than the father’s. Costa Rica doesn’t really practice coverture laws which most Western countries are accustomed to. Women in Costa Rica almost always keep their own surnames. So, if you have plans on marrying a Tica, this is certainly one piece of information you should keep in mind.

Since birth, Costa Rican women have been living with their families under one roof. They take care of each other and learn to respect their elders which is also the basis of their culture. Family has and only will be a constant in their lives. The women have a strong bond with their roots especially with their grandmother.

Sometimes, adults would continue living in their parents’ home until they are married. This aspect may seem a bit strange for other cultures since living with parents is seen as a sign of laziness but here in Costa Rica, it’s absolutely normal.

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For those who seek nature, you should visit the Northern Plains or along the Caribbean coast and rest in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. After gearing up and resting for the night, head over to Monteverde’s Cloud Rainforest and hike Arenal Volcano. It doesn’t just stop there though, there’s still so much more to do in Costa Rica.